Aromatherapy For Spas – 10 Ways To Elevate Your Relaxation


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Spending just 30 minutes in a hot tub or spa, soaking up the relaxation, releasing your stress, and massaging your muscles beneath the crystal-clear water can significantly benefit your health and lifestyle.

It’s something that’s had people talking for years, and there have even been scientific studies to prove that hot tubs can help support a healthy life.

For example, a study at the University of Freiburg in Germany explored how bathing in warm water could support mental health. Their findings proved it had positive effects on participants’ depressive disorders in as little as two weeks.

Another study discovered hydrotherapy could provide powerful pain relief in fibromyalgia patients.

What many people don’t know is there’s a way to amplify these benefits and create a high-class spa experience right in your backyard!

This is where aromatherapy for spas comes in!

Including hot tub aromatherapy in your spa routine can help provide an elevated experience and support emotional and mental well-being through increased relaxation and stress relief.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the most common benefits of spa aromatherapy.

What To Know Before You Use Aromatherapy For Spas

Before we get into the health benefits of hot tub aromatherapy, it’s important to know the basics, so you don’t cause accidental damage to your spa!

Here are some things to remember when using aromatherapy products in your hot tub.

Use Hot Tub Safe Products

Many people use essential oils to incorporate aromatherapy into their everyday life.

Some people add them to bracelets or necklaces, while others simply put a drop on their skin to surround themselves with calm-inducing scents all day long.

When it comes to hot tubs, typical essential oils can’t be used to add aromatherapy to your evening soak session. They can cause an oily buildup in your water chemistry, damaging your filtration systems and jets, leaving a film on your shell, and can only be removed by a water change and deep clean.

For this reason, ensure you use hot tub-safe aromatherapy products in your hot tub when you want to create an at-home hot tub experience.

Make Sure They’re Safe

Not all aromatherapy for spa products are safe to come in contact with the skin and can create painful rashes or irritation if they do.

This can be especially true if you use homemade hot tub aromatherapy products. Try to stick to products that have been tested and are made by professional manufacturers for hot tubs.

Consult Your Hot Tub Manual

Not all hot tub systems are compatible with aromatherapy products, and using them could cause damage over time to your spa.

For many models, it may simply mean changing your hot tub water more frequently and including more regular deep cleans in your hot tub maintenance routine.

If you’re unsure of what products would be best for your hot tub, contact your dealership, and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

10 Ways Hot Tub Aromatherapy Can Help You

Once you’ve found your hot tub-safe aromatherapy products, you’re ready to create your personal home spa experience and soak up the benefits of adding aromatherapy to your self-care routine!

The great thing about aromatherapy for spas is that various scents provide different benefits, so you can match which one you use with what you need on any given day!

Here are some of the most common hot tub aromatherapy scents and their sought-after health benefits.

1. Peppermint and Eucalyptus

These scents are great if you’re suffering from a cold, have aching muscles, or simply want to reenergize your body.

When adding these to your hot tub, you can experience higher energy levels, clear sinuses, pain relief, increased mental alertness, and a shift in mood, leaving you happier!

2. Lavender

Likely one of the most popular and well-known aromatherapy options.

Incorporating lavender into your aromatherapy session can help combat stress, promote relaxation, improve your mood, and even help you get a better night’s sleep!

Elevate this even further by including lavender plants in your backyard landscaping around your hot tub for a natural way to include it in your everyday life.

3. Citrus Scents

Citrus scents such as lemongrass, tangerine, or orange are great options to invigorate your senses and are a powerful way to start your day!

These options provide a boost in focus, increase energy, enhances your mood, reduce stress, and can help improve your digestion!

4. Ylang-Ylang

This is another popular aromatherapy for spa option and leaves a sweet, floral scent in the air around you.

Ylang-Ylang is a great option if you’ve been fighting a headache and will help reduce the pain it’s causing. It can also ease away stress by reducing blood pressure and combating nausea.

5. Chamomile

Chamomile has long been known for its ability to promote sleep and calm the body.

Try adding it to your hot tub during a late-night soak to help you get better sleep, reduce stress, and relax your mind and body.

6. Bergamot

Surround yourself with this citrus scent with flora undertones to combat pain and inflammation.

Bergamot also helps put you in a better mood, reducing anxiety by reducing tension and calming the body.

7. Jasmine

Jasmine is a floral scent that can help improve your mood, combat depression, and can support a better night’s rest.

Consider including jasmine plants in your backyard to maximize their effects while providing added privacy due to their dense growth.

8. Tea Tree

Tea tree is well known for its antibacterial qualities.

Include this in your aromatherapy session to promote clearer skin, support healing, and soothe surface inflammation.

As an added bonus, the tea tree is a great insect repellant, keeping the bugs at bay so you can relax in peace!

9. Rosemary

Rosemary is another aromatherapy option to help improve cognitive functioning.

You can experience enhanced focus and improved memory when used during your hot tub session.

10. Frankincense

Frankincense is hailed as the “king of oils,” and for a good reason!

With a naturally woody scent, frankincense essential oil can help shift your mood, leaving you feeling happier. It’s also a great supportive aromatherapy product to aid your sleep.

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