5 Signs You Need Hot Tub Maintenance or Repair


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Coming home after a long and stressful day, the first thing you want to do is turn on your hot tub, immerse yourself, and let the warm bubbles melt all the day’s stresses away.

However, life just won’t leave you be. Something is wrong with your hot tub, and you have to settle for a quick unsatisfying shower.

Just like everything else, your hot tub requires proper hot tub maintenance to ensure it runs efficiently for as long as possible.

So, how important is it to conduct regular hot tub maintenance and repair on your hot tub?

Through regular hot tub maintenance, you can spot minor issues early and have them sorted out before they turn into something serious. This will prolong the lifetime of your spa because when all the parts are running optimally, the system will not have to strain too much.

Apart from your hot tub parts working efficiently, maintaining your spa regularly ensures your health and safety. You wouldn’t want your tub to be the source of skin irritations and other health-related issues. A faulty hot tub is also a safety concern as it poses a higher risk of slipping.

Hot Tub Maintenance – 5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need One

Below are some tell-tale signs that should alert you to issues with your hot tub. As soon as you spot any of these, contact professionals immediately for hot tub maintenance or repair.

1. Foul-smelling Water

If you religiously follow your weekly water maintenance routine and you still notice a putrid smell from your hot tub, then this could be an indication of a major problem. Because of the cleaning products used, it is okay to notice a whiff of a chemical smell once in a while. However, your spa should never emit an unpleasant odor.

The putrid smell indicates that water isn’t circulating properly or the water is compromised. Poor circulation often stems from a clogged drain, filter, or pump in your spa. Whatever the case, call in professionals for an assessment instead of trying to guess what the cause might be and ending up being wrong.

By contacting spa experts from Paradise Valley Spas, you will get the problem diagnosed and fixed in no time so you can get back to enjoying your hot tub. Also, avoid using your hot tub until the issue is sorted out.

2. Temperature Fluctuations

Nothing can be quite as exasperating as turning on your hot tub in anticipation of a relaxing hot soak only to find that the water is lukewarm. If the water in your spa isn’t heating up or if the temperature drops even after you set it, then you should have it checked out.

If your hot tub cover fits perfectly and is used properly when your tub is not in use, then it’s likely that your heater or your control panel are the culprits. There is no quick fix for temperature issues so you will likely need to have a professional check it out.

3. Algae Build-Up

Murky or greenish water signifies algae growth in your hot tub, especially if it is located outdoors. Sunlight often encourages algae growth particularly if your outdoor spa does not have a cover. The green murky water can signify other types of contamination that you can correct by sanitizing or balancing your hot tub’s water.

If the water still doesn’t clear up, then it could be that there is corrosion inside the pipes or maybe mold invasion in your jets or even in the plumbing. A hot tub expert will know how exactly to deal with all these issues to prevent them from causing adverse health problems.

4. Control Panel Faults

If you want to slip into your hot tub and notice that the control panel is flashing error codes at you, it’s definitely a sign that something’s wrong. Your circulation pump might not be working optimally or your pressure switch could be malfunctioning hence the error codes. It might even be something as simple as your filter needing replacement.

If you are not an electrical expert, don’t try handling these issues yourself. You might actually end up doing more damage than good. Call in the experts from Paradise Valley Spas and let them handle the repair to ensure that it is done right.

5. Jet Pressure

Most issues when it comes to faulty jets are usually minor and you can sort them out yourself. If you notice that your jets are weaker than they used to be or aren’t working at all, first check the water levels. If the water level isn’t high enough, it could affect your jets’ functioning.

Also, be sure to check that your spa’s bottom drain is completely covered and isn’t allowing any water to escape. If both of these are not the cause of the malfunctioning jets, then they could be clogged because of calcium build-up or debris. A thorough cleaning should do the trick and have them as good as new.

If after all these your jets are still acting up, then your hot tub filter might be the reason. If your filter is due for a change, then replacing it with a new one should do the magic. You can also give it a thorough rinse and put it back in if the replacement is not yet due.

If the jets are still acting up, then it’s probably time to throw in the towel and let the pros check out the hot tub’s plumbing lines, pump, valves, and control panel. We understand how disappointing it can be to expect a wonderful jet massage, only to get a lackluster spray from the jets.

Luckily, an expert’s touch will rectify the situation and have your spa working in optimal condition.

Professional Hot Tub Maintenance at Paradise Valley Spas

As the providers of the best hot tubs, swim spas, and saunas in San Francisco Bay Area, our experts will ensure that your spa is running as it should. Our experts are always at hand to offer quick and efficient service for all your hot tub repair and hot tub maintenance needs.

If you feel ready to take the next step and have a hot tub or a swim spa installed in your home, contact our experts at Paradise Valley Spas.

Alternatively, you can drop in at our showrooms and let our professionals assist you. Once you experience the luxury of our hot tubs, you will wonder how you ever went without one.


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